CoolSculpting Beverly Hills

CoolSculpting Beverly HillsOne of the most innovative methods to fat reduction, CoolSculpting is a new procedure that freezes off lumps, bumps, and bulges from your body. *

With the advanced training and extensive experience of our team, we can treat even the most stubborn layers of fat on your body. *

Dr. Payman Danielpour and Dr. John Layke are certified plastic surgeons who consistently provide CoolSculpting solutions in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area. *

Our doctors will first locate the area(s) that are fit for treatment. A device is then placed over the surface and pulls on the fat.  The tissue is extracted firmly and quickly to allow for the cooling process to take over. *

This is a non-invasive procedure that involves minor surgical incisions.* The only aftereffects you may experience are minor redness and soreness – which are temporary.  You can enjoy a thorough and comprehensive fat reduction treatment without feeling uncomfortable or anxious. *

You can see the results in just a week after the treatment. *  Over time, your body will continue to remove additional layers of fat to ensure you enjoy your new beauty for years to come! *

*Results May Vary

Almost no secondary supplements are required for a successful result.  Please call us today to schedule an appointment for CoolSculpting! *