Body Contouring Beverly Hills

Body Contouring Beverly Hills

Body Contouring is an exciting procedure that helps eliminate excess, saggy skin and localized fat deposits after our patients have lost a significant amount of weight. This is generally due to our patient’s commitment of steady exercise, nutritious diet, or a surgical weight loss procedure. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery group offers the exciting body contouring procedure, which is specialized to bring out changes and improvements in your body that diet and exercise might not be able to accomplish.*

We can help you get that figure back that you thought you’d lost forever. Each year over 100,000 people and growing choose to couple weight loss with a body contouring procedure. As technology advances, this procedure gets more and more innovative with higher and more satisfying success rates for our patients.*

Who Might Consider a Body Contouring Procedure?

If you’re one of our patients who have been at a healthy, stable weight for at least six months, that is the candidate would might consider a body contouring procedure at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group.* We prefer patients be in good overall health who also don’t take part in smoking. Together, you, the patient, Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke will cultivate realistic goals and determine the best routes to turn those ambitions into a reality.

The Body Contouring Procedure at a Glance

No two body contouring procedures are the same. Body contouring with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group often consists of many specialized procedures in order to reach our goals together.* Each body contouring procedure is completely unique to the individual patient. Each procedure is completely one of a kind, but Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery his it down to a science.*

Your possible options for body contouring might include:

Abdominoplasty (“Tummy Tuck”) — This procedure will essentially restructure your abdominal, contouring your stomach by removing excess skin and Body Contouring Beverly Hillsfat.* The tummy tuck will tighten you up from the inside out. While we’re there, we can repair stretched and weakened abdominal muscles which can often occur post pregnancy.* Your midsection can likely be the hardest area to sculpt through exercise and a healthy diet along, so this procedure works as an amazing companion piece for your body.* A variety of different tummy tuck procedures are available to you through Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, which has a hand in making our body contouring procedure custom-tailored.*

Brachioplasty (“Arm Lift”) — Remove excess saggy skin tissues of your upper arm, another area that is incredibly resistant to rigorous exercise and diet change alone. We can artfully reshape your arm at your elbow to your underarm.* We can incorporate liposculpting to achieve even better results.* A variety of different versions of the arm lift are available to our patients, and we’ll help you decide which is the best for you.

Breast Lift — This is one of our most common procedures executed at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, which correct sagging breasts, which is almost an inevitability after significant weight loss, pregnancy, or other factors. We can remove your excess skin and breast tissue, should that be appropriate to your unique situation.* We’ll revitalize the look and also the feel of your breasts.* We can do this for younger women as well as women more mature in age.* If you’ve accomplished multiple pregnancies or significant weight loss, or even experienced drastic weight fluctuations, our breast lift procedure is a good choice for you. Of course, there are a variety of breast lift procedures to choose from; we’ll tailor the perfect procedure to fit your distinct needs.

Buttocks Lift — Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group can provide you with a more shapely and toned butt which we can create from your body’s very own excess fat.* We’ll enhance both the size and the shape of your derriere, which is a region of your body that can be quite resistant to exercise and diet change alone.*

Liposuction — This procedure involves targeting areas of fat in your body that have been resistant to rigorous exercise and suctioning the fat out. This procedure is popularly referred to as “body contouring,” but we at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group can use it as more of an umbrella term for a great deal more comprehensive and far-reaching collection of procedures than an individual liposuction treatment.  We are effectively able to remove targeted, stubborn areas of your localized fat through small, discreet incisions in the patient’s skin a slender, hollow tube connected to a vacuum device, called a cannula.* Our liposuction procedure results in a more contoured, sleek and slender look.*

Thigh Lift — We can reshape your thighs and give you a more proportionate look and shape by removing excess fat and skin.* Achieve toned skin, more proportionate and symmetrical thighs in relation to the rest of your body with our thigh lift procedure.* The result is a defined, toned, sleek frame.* We offer a selection of unique thigh lift renditions that we will custom-tailor to your unique needs. Together, we will help you choose which thigh lift procedure is the best fit for you.

Recovery After Your Body Contouring Procedure

Body Contouring Gastric BypassJust as will any other surgical procedure, there will be some downtime, so please make sure that you plan ahead and schedule your dealings accordingly. We’d like to highlight the fact that every patient’s health and healing process is different and every procedure has a different recovery period unique to itself. Recovery time can often depend on the number of surgeries that make up your body contouring procedure. Expect bruising, discomfort, pain, and swelling for the first few days. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group will give you everything you need to give you the most comfortable and effective recovery possible. This includes medication, consultation, and follow-up services. Most of your regular, everyday activities can be commenced after just a few days.*

We do ask that you stay away from exercise or any other strenuous activity, heavy lifting, or any sort of excess bending your body.* It is, however, vital that you get back on your feet as part of your physical therapy, in order to prevent blood clotting. We’ll cover all of this and more after your procedure.

Our Results

You can take a look for yourself at our track record. Please view our extensive archive of before and afters.

Body contouring can be an extremely effective option to optimize your appearance and your body’s functionality. It’s also an excellent catalyst for a life of continued active lifestyle and healthy diet, habits that will support your excellent body contouring results. A sudden and drastic change of weight or in your eating habits can compromise the results, stressing your skin and shape. We will always prefer to avoid this.

Contact Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group today to learn more about our comprehensive body sculpting procedure. We can help you set out realistic, yet ambitious goals and work to achieve them in the most effective, safest, and most natural-looking way possible. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke, who will answer any additional questions you have about body contouring.