Tummy Tuck Beverly Hills

Stomach Lift Beverly HillsNumerous individuals strive for a flat and toned set of abs to grace their body.  Simple exercise and dieting may not be enough to achieve this goal.  A stomach lift, or tummy tuck, is an advanced procedure that can significantly deliver an improved appearance for your abdomen.

With the help of Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeons Dr. Payman Danielpour and Dr. John Layke, a strengthened and attractive stomach can redefine your appearance in a wonderful way!  Pregnancy, aging, heredity, and recent weight loss can result in a stockier-looking belly — we are here to change that!

Stomach lifts remove excess fat and skin to reduce the appearance of sagging or stretched tissue.  Weakened or separated muscles are also strengthened to create a smoother appearance.

Tummy Tuck Beverly HillsA stomach lift is not a treatment that can fully replace physical exercise.  Of course, you can improve upon the results by improving you diet and exercise as well.

Whether you’re managing excess fat in a specific or number of areas, an effective stomach lift treatment can deliver an enhanced look for your abdomen.  The Body Contour Center of Beverly Hills can help you reach this goal through our decades of experience.

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